All the rooms are colour-coded and self-contained, with their own changing and toilet areas; this reduces the risk of cross-infection between rooms. Each room is equipped with areas of continuous provision, providing a stimulating environment where children make choices of what area of the room they wish to play in. The following activities are available to children at all times:

Book and reading area

Role play

Small World


Sand and water


Heuristic Play (treasure baskets filled with natural objects and different textures for stimulation)

Our rooms

The resources in each room have been carefully selected for each age group to enhance the development of each child. Children move up through the rooms, dependent on a number of factors, including their age, stage of development and whether space is available in the next room on the days your child attends nursery. Take a look to see what’s available in each of our rooms:

  • RED ROOM (2-3 YEARS)

Green Room (Birth to

17 months)

Our baby room is a safe, secure and stimulating environment, with lots of laughing, singing, playing and cuddling. All the resources in this room are designed to enhance your baby’s developmental skills, including treasure baskets and sensory area.

Babies love messy play and activities encourage them to get wholly immersed – don’t be surprised when your baby comes home with green toes or glitter in their hair!

There is also a separate sleep and sensory room with integrated bubble wall – a fantastic space for our babies! 

We can accommodate up to 9 babies in this room.


Orange Room (17 – 24 months)

Our bright, warm orange room is for children aged approximately 17 – 24 months. The room has a quiet book corner, a home corner and a messy area for sand and water play and creative activities, providing varied opportunities for children to develop their independence and self-esteem. In this room the staff focus on developing children’s communication and language and set up lots of different activities relating to books and songs – children especially like the edible farm whilst singing Old MacDonald or marching around to the Grand Old Duke of York.  You will undoubtedly hear these songs a hundred times at home!

This room can accommodate up to 9 children. 


Red Room (2-3 Years)

Our red room is for the older toddlers, aged 2-3 years. At this age the children’s unique personalities develop and they begin to form strong friendships. Staff support children’s learning by following their interests with a variety of activities including messy play, home corner, imaginative play, reading and singing. Every day is different in red room and staff are focused on making sure the room is exciting, fun and a great place to learn. 

There is no limit to the possibilities in this room – a carboard box becomes a car to drive them to the seaside where the pirate ship (another cardboard box) is ready set sail!

The children will take part in registration and then be split off into their key worker groups where they will have quality interactions with their key person.

Our red room can accommodate 16 children. 


Blue Room (Pre-School)

In Blue Room (our pre-school) we aim to prepare your child for school. Activities are planned to enable children to develop new skills, engage in challenging activities, become critical thinkers and independent. Learning is based on play and staff create environments and activities where children learn whilst having fun! Our staff team are continuously thinking outside the box and create “wow” activities to immediately engage children in play and learning. 

For example one day they may read The Hungry Caterpillar, followed by tasting fruits from the story, collecting leaves and larva for the butterfly net and waiting for the magic of the larva turning into a beautiful butterfly.

Independence is embedded in everything we do in our pre-school and the main focus is preparing for school. Activities include learning

about self-care, undressing and dressing, developing fine motor skills and pencil control. Children leave our pre-school as confident individuals ready for the next step in their lives. 

Our pre-school can accommodate 32 children. 

Secure Outdoor Area

Our outdoor area has been divided into two securely fenced playgrounds, one being a dedicated baby garden with specifically designed age-appropriate equipment allowing them to play safely outdoors. The whole area has been fitted with a specially designed safety surface and covered walls to minimise accidents. Part of this area is covered with a canopy to enable the children to be able to use the outdoor space in all weathers. The older children have access to a large climbing frame and a wide selection of outdoor toys, including bikes, scooters, sand pit, chalkboards and musical instruments. All outdoor facilities are used to enhance continuous provision.

“Children observe the impact exercise has on their body and breathing…….They develop a tremendous awareness of physical and emotional wellbeing……..staff put children's individual needs at the heart of everything they do”.

-Ofsted Report 2020